Diane Tucci, Founder & CEO

Main Street is a full service marketing, project and event management company that specializes at working with community based organizations. We offer a unique approach to creative and on-trend market and viability analysis, community outreach implemented in strategic planning, resource management and project execution, fundraising/corporate sponsors, followed by post project follow up and analysis. We are one of the few organizations that utilize creative placemaking techniques in our project and event management- a foundation that looks at goals and objective through the different needs of each participant. Through our strategic relationships with the top professionals on Long Island, we offer exclusive competitive services and opportunities that provide an incredible opportunity for our clients to leverage lower costs, increase exposure and maximum sustainability. We can handle everything from graphics to printing to radio/tv and billboard displays.


 To provide innovative and professional marketing, community outreach and event management services with a focus on quality and detail. We aim to represent the best interests of the client by providing sound advisement while keeping a focus on creative and innovative ways to accomplish each goal set forth – from event conception to event management to targeted marketing and innovative digital strategies. To be mindful and sensitive to budgeting, deadlines and professionalism.


What problem can we solve?

We are your connection to building relationships with the community. We specialize in business relationship building and alignment. We service clients in the boroughs and throughout NY State and the surrounding areas. 

We offer program development and management services for local non-profit organizations to increase membership and value added services for their members while working in conjunction with the local community organizations that are in existence, acting as a hub of communication and information exchange. We develop new events and programs tailored to your organization. We can help you with your marketing budgets and as a NYS, NYC and Nassau County Certified WBE, we are a perfect fit for grant and funding requirements.

By using Main Street, you are accessing a world wide network of opportunity. We work on building packages with our clients and working with local and regional tourism groups which allows our clients to reach a broader market, including international tourism market


To utilize critical thinking, strategic planning and resourcing along with creative solutions to achieve our client’s goals –  professionally and efficiently. 



Main Street Agency Team at Winterfest 2018

Main Street… it begins with our name and logo

Our name and approach: Main Street Agency was created with the purpose of our name highlighting that we are geared towards community, that in many places Main Street USA represents the heart of a community, the gathering place and the pride. Many Main Streets, or similar areas of a town are in the process of revitalization and redeveloping. All have the same goal – to connect people to places.  Creative Placemaking is our method to our work. It is the HOW and the WHY of what we do.. We understand that it takes many layers to create sustainability. We understand government, zoning and local politics and that navigating these nuances contributes to the sustainable success. Our team are community outreach experts by nature, passion and experience. Our clients are the heartbeats of their communities in business, government and organizations. it begins with a conversation, then examination of history, resources, funding and realistic goals – achieved by critical and creative thinking, sensible planning, outreach and input, proven methods and professional project management 

Our logo: In 2020, mid-pandemic, we rebranded our logo to use the phoenix . A phoenix symbolizes birth, death, and rebirth, as well as eternity, strength, and renewal. The whole idea that this mythical bird is reborn from the ashes of the flames of death signifies a journey through fire or adversity. It’s a great way to express a transformation or survival of a challenge – which applies directly to our clientele whether that lies in challenges within the community, business or personal goals, and also to how the pandemic has impacted you, negatively or positively.  We want the symbol of our logo to be inspirational and encouraging, but also remind people of the power of working together. The color palette of  turquoise – aqua represents open communication and clarity of thought, balancing pros and cons, right and wrong, identifying the way forward to success. The silver represents reflection and illumination – opening new doors and lighting the way to the future.