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Main Street Agency is a full-service marketing, project and event management company specializing in serving community-based organizations.  We take a holistic approach to gain a comprehensive understanding of the audiences our clients desire to reach. What does that mean?  It means that we are going to look at your project from every aspect to find the most effective solutions for you. We are critical thinkers and we make confident recommendations after really getting to know you and your target audience. 



 Our methods are relationship driven as creative placemakers. Our experience allows us to leverage strategic relationships to offer increased exposure at a lower cost for maximum sustainability. Our strategies always have your success as a priority. We have spent years building valuable relationships within the media and communication industries – relationships we bring to the table as needed on a per project basis.  The relationship with you and our partners is our most valuable asset. 


We are solution driven. We work with you to understand your goals and work on budget and deadline sensitive. We treat your money like its our money and plan your budget with absolute attention to effective spending, whether it’s with digital marketing, or traditional media such as print, radio and TV, we always look at the whole picture and make sure it fits you and your target goals/audience. 

Analyze Target Market & Develop Strategy

Develop budgets

Media Placement – Radio, TV, Billboards, Print

Coordinate and Negotiate Buying

Copy Writing/Editing

Social Media Setup & Maintenance

Social Media Marketing

Strategic Market Support

Media Planning /Buying

Brand Promotion

Advertising & Promotions

Event Marketing

Social Media Consulting

Website Development

Graphic Design & Creative Services

Location & Studio Photography

Food Photography

Performance Photography

Event Video Capture  including 360 degrees

Ads and Journals – Sales, Design, Printing Book/Magazine/Catalog Design

Catalog, Program & Book Design


Capability Statement

MAIN  STREET  is a privately held full service digital marketing, project management, event production, development, and commodity wholesale firm. We provide services for government clients at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as services in support of private industry. MAIN STREET takes a holistic approach and is positioned with long-established experience and partners to work with clients and bring together the appropriate team to identify and implement solutions that are cost effective, sustainable for the long term, and is in line with clients’ goals, objectives, and most pressing needs.

DUNS: 080982568

NYS: 61392

NYC: MWCERT2019-3247

Nassau County: OMA-21-006

SFS: 1100181490


323111 Commercial Printing

423910 Sporting and Recreational Goods and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers

512110 Motion Picture and Video Production and Movie Screens

512240 Sound Recording Studios

512250 Record Production and Distribution

512290 Other Sound Recording Industries

515112 Radio Stations

515120 Television Broadcasting

518210 Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services

519130 Internet Publishing and Broadcasting & Web Search Portals

532490 Other Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing 

541430 Graphic Design Services

541511 Custom Computer Programming Services, Web Design

541611 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services 

541613 Marketing Consulting Services

541810 Advertising Agency Consulting Services

541820 Public Relations Consulting Services

541830 Media Buying Agencies

541840 Media representatives 

541850 Outdoor Advertising

541860 Direct Mail Advertising

541870 Advertising Material Distribution Services

541890 Other Services Related to Advertising

541910 Marketing Research and Public Opinion Polling

541921 Photography Studios, Portrait

541922 Photography Services, Commercial

561410 Document Preparation Services

561920 Convention or Trade Show Event Planners

711310 Promoters of Performing Arts, Sports and Similar Events, with Facilities 

711320 Promoters of Performing Arts, Sports, and Similar Events without Facilities

711410 Agents and Managers for Artists, Entertainers

713990 All Other Amusement and Recreation Industries

721214 Recreational and Vacation Camp 


To utilize critical thinking, strategic planning and resourcing along with creative solutions to achieve our client’s goals –  professionally and efficiently.



Through our strategic relationships with top professionals, we offer competitive services and opportunities that allow our clients to leverage lower costs, increase exposure and maximize sustainability.  We want to be a part of your team for success.



Project Management + Execution
Festival & Event Production
Creative Placemaking

Business + Community Development

Downtown Revitalization Planning

Marketing, Media & Creative Services

A/V Technology Services

Wholesale Commodities

Creative Placemaking


happens when partners from public, private, non-profit, and community sectors strategically shape the physical and social character of a neighborhood, town, city, or region around arts and cultural activities.

what is creative placemaking?

If you are a planner or designer, it is about physical redevelopment.

If you are an economic developer, it is about the new economic opportunities.

If you are a social worker, it is about healthy living and social justice.

If you are a marketing specialist, it is about branding.

If you are community organizer, it is about visioning and consensus about the future.

If you are an artist, it is about connecting with people in a profound and soulful way, bring new audiences to the arts.

If you are a citizen, it is about a better community in which to live.

If you are a civic leader, it is about bringing your town to a new secure future.

Main Street… it begins with our name and logo

Our name and approach: Main Street Agency was created with the purpose of our name highlighting that we are geared towards community, that in many places Main Street USA represents the heart of a community, the gathering place and the pride. Many Main Streets, or similar areas of a town are in the process of revitalization and redeveloping. All have the same goal – to connect people to places.  Creative Placemaking is our method to our work. It is the HOW and the WHY of what we do.. We understand that it takes many layers to create sustainability. We understand government, zoning and local politics and that navigating these nuances contributes to the sustainable success. Our team are community outreach experts by nature, passion and experience. Our clients are the heartbeats of their communities in business, government and organizations. it begins with a conversation, then examination of history, resources, funding and realistic goals – achieved by critical and creative thinking, sensible planning, outreach and input, proven methods and professional project management 

Our logo: In 2020, mid-pandemic, we rebranded our logo to use the phoenix . A phoenix symbolizes birth, death, and rebirth, as well as eternity, strength, and renewal. The whole idea that this mythical bird is reborn from the ashes of the flames of death signifies a journey through fire or adversity. It’s a great way to express a transformation or survival of a challenge – which applies directly to our clientele whether that lies in challenges within the community, business or personal goals, and also to how the pandemic has impacted you, negatively or positively.  We want the symbol of our logo to be inspirational and encouraging, but also remind people of the power of working together. The color palette of  turquoise – aqua represents open communication and clarity of thought, balancing pros and cons, right and wrong, identifying the way forward to success. The silver represents reflection and illumination – opening new doors and lighting the way to the future. 

Planning & Project Management

We know we do a lot of different things, but with everything we do, people are at the heart of it. Our business is people driven, working to support business and community in multiple ways. We love projects that focus on bringing people together.  From a local fundraiser to community development  and engagement to a festival drawing tens of thousands to intense development projects working with local government, zoning and permitting, we excel at organizing and managing projects and all supportive services. We support creating a sense of place and belonging.  

We are Listening. We are Thinking and We are Doing. 

We begin by talking with you about your goals and needs, then after thorough research we present you with ideas and solutions. We offer marketing and community outreach implemented in strategic planning, resource management and project execution. When we produce an event, or manage a project, we dig into the community to engage and activate people on all levels. 
Our reputation is that we get things done.

We are Unique and You Benefit. 

The approach of creative placemaking – ensures we  look at your goals and objectives through the different needs of all key participants. We think about how people walk and move, how they are motivated and what they like, we analyze local resources and stakeholders and we study historical context and culture. We build long term relationships while we keep our eye on sustainable results and bottom lines. Through our strategic relationships with top professionals, we offer competitive services and opportunities that allow our clients to leverage lower costs, increase exposure and maximum sustainability.  Our team is constantly researching digital marketing trends and consumer behavior.  You’ve put all your energy into your project and your mission, we want to make sure people can find you. 

We don’t work in a vacuum – not only do we have an awesome and friendly staff,
we also have a network of top-notch experts in many disciplines to consult with.
A small boutique agency with top notch personal attention and expertise available to you.


Website Design

Web Design

website design & seo

search engine optimization.

You do want to get found online in organic search, don’t you? We take a rock-solid engineering approach to optimizing your website, starting with a comprehensive site audit, building an optimization plan, and delivering results. 

structured data management.

You would love search engines to rank your website for relevant queries, wouldn’t you? How about winning at voice search, and getting top visibility in cars, on smart watches, and by digital assistants? 

We can help… Structured data is an effective vehicle for conveying the meaning and import of your website content to Google, Bing, and other search engines. Sounds great. 

website design / build / manage.

You do want a compelling, performant, and visible website, right? We build, optimize, and maintain fast, beautiful WordPress websites and manage industry-focused website platforms, as well.

analytics strategy and reporting. 

What good is having a website if you have no idea who is visiting or what they do when they visit? Not much good at all. Your web properties, including your Facebook, Instagram, and other social platform content should be working for you. Are they doing their job? 
Our analytics strategy and reporting service makes sure you know and act

if you don’t see it, ask.

We, and our colleagues provide many other digital marketing services, from online educational course development to graphics design, pay-per-click marketing, and social media management. 



photo | video | live stream | audio

You have reached the geeky creative meets hi-tech gear division
of Main Street and our Associates. 

Full Production Recording & Image Capture Services.  

Yes, we really can do it all. Our background in community and events comes from many years of creative services and especially in the music industry. Individually, we have captured it all in images or sound. The onset of the pandemic led us to take these skills, partner up and slam dunk it in professional live stream & tech capabilities.   Whatever you need visually we can produce it, and in audio we can provide it and record it, photoshop it, edit it, mix it and go on and on. 



Location & Studio

Construction Photography

Food & Product Photography

Performance Photography

Social Media Content

360 degrees  & Drone

Photoshop & Photo Retouching



4K Live Stream & Video Services

Audio Production & Mixing

4-Camera live stream production

Streaming capabilities up to 10 platforms


Live Stream Recording

Script Development

Cinematic Video Production

Music Production & Custom Music Tracks

Professional Editing4K 

in action with our gear... yes, we love this stuff

samples of our work..

food for thought (social media)

people & portraits



video projects


Capability List




• We meet with you to assess goals

• We build a plan for you, or with you

Build Assign and Manage Teams/Committees

Sponsorship Development and Management

We Locate and Utilize Local Resources

We assist with or handle all Vendor Acquisition and Management

We can hire all services needed for a large scale event/festival
 For example – entertainers, artists, rentals and security

We have extensive experience working with local Emergency Services & Law Enforcement

We help with Community Outreach and Engagement

We can provide soup to nuts creative content, marketing, media buying and public relations for your event – to drive ticket sales, attendance or fundraising.

We start by understanding your target market and goals

We develop a strategy to work within your budget or develop a budget for you based on extensive research and experience.

Our key areas are: 

Budget Management

Media Placement – Radio, TV, Billboards, Print

Coordinate and Negotiate Buying

Press Releases and Media Coverage


Social Media Setup & Maintenance

Social Media Marketing

Media Planning /Buying

Promotion Strategies

Advertising & Promotions


Production Execution

Team Management



Partnership Development

16′, 24′, 30′, 40′ and 52′ Screens and FM Transmitters
Full Audio Pro Level PA and Techs
Fully hosted events

Film Festivals
Community Events
Town Recreation
Private Parties


Corporate Literature/ Collateral Development

Website Development


Book/Magazine/Journal/Catalog Design

Location & Studio Photography – Portraits

Food Photography – Social Media

Performance Photography – Music & Dance

Social Media Content


Analyze Digital Presence 

Content Strategy

Set up and Manage Platforms

Cinematic Video Production

Up to 6K Video Capability, Low Light RED Cameras

Drone & 360 Degree Video

Audio Production & Mixing

4-Camera Live Stream Productions

Stream up to 10 Platforms at one time


Script Development


Original Music Production & Custom Tracks

Welcome to Main Street Agency


Community Events, Promotions & Corporate Sponsorship
Non-Profit Management & Administrative Services

A Holistic Service
adjective  ho·lis·tic \hō-ˈlis-tik\

: relating to or concerned with complete systems rather than with individual parts

Main Street is a full service marketing, project and event management company that specializes at working with community based organizations. We offer a unique approach to creative and on-trend market and viability analysis, community outreach implemented in strategic planning, resource management and project execution, fundraising/corporate sponsors, followed by post project follow up and analysis. We are one of the few organizations that utilize creative placemaking techniques in our project and event management- a foundation that looks at goals and objective through the different needs of each participant. Through our strategic relationships with the top professionals on Long Island, we offer exclusive competitive services and opportunities that provide an incredible opportunity for our clients to leverage lower costs, increase exposure and maximum sustainability. We can handle everything from graphics to printing to radio/tv and billboard displays.

Special focus on nonprofit and tourism related organizations.